The Issues & My Platform


Economic Development

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated that I share the Democratic values we hold dear. I have also proved that I have the voice we need to make Florida work for all of us. My economic development plan will work to: 

  • Curb prices and end the affordability crisis.

  • Increase opportunity by creating and attracting good jobs. 

  • Incentivize the vast amount of opportunities and resources of our district to organizations and companies to bring jobs to District 40.



As a member of the Board of Directors for Pace Center, an alternative education program that is funded through Orange County Public Schools I completely understand the importance of quality education and school choice for our future! I plan to: 

  • Strengthen our public school systems.

  • Raise teacher pay to increase morale amongst faculty.

  • Reducing class sizes to aid in the manageability of classrooms.



I am a strong believer that hate and its symbols have no place in our district or the State of Florida. There are a number of inquiries in our community and collectively we will tackle them! With your help in Tallahassee I plan to:

  • Protect our drinking water and environment. 

  • Lead the fight to protect our voting rights. 

  • Assist in improving affordable healthcare for ALL. 

  • Stand on the front line to fight for women's rights. 

  • Improve accessibility of resources for our veterans.